Tuesday, May 1, 2007

school trip

i did make it to the school trip 'cause every thing changed to good ,nashwa her parents let her go and everybody came .....yuhooo

the place was cool and beautiful , there was a beach and swimming pool but fortunately i didn't swim and all the girls didn't just a few crazy once...;) , i didn't swim 'cause i didn't want to in front the school boys so i just control my self but nashwa couldn't handle it we were setting looking at the sea and she jumps and run into the sea ...
its was great trip but the place was far it takes about 4 hours in the bus to get there and you know what, we were singing 4 hours without stopping i mean they were singing and i was just clapping 'cause i don't know the lyrics it was so noisy even when i was in the home all the singing was playing in my head
i had a good time there

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