Friday, May 25, 2007

summer holiday

i finished my exams about a week ago and the summer holiday has began that's so cool :D ,there is one problem that our car doesn't work but thank good my grand ma had came to Egypt so we have to go out anyway to show her around Cairo , I'm glad that she came :)hehe

and we want to many places .

oh today i got my results in the morning it was 96% ,then in the night i went to city stars mall with my friend and all the family but we didn't stay with them thanks for grand ma 'cause she told my mam and Nashua's mam to leave us alone and do what we want, anyway i found there all the people in my school even the principle was there ... so i stayed with the girls it was very fun

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

school trip

i did make it to the school trip 'cause every thing changed to good ,nashwa her parents let her go and everybody came .....yuhooo

the place was cool and beautiful , there was a beach and swimming pool but fortunately i didn't swim and all the girls didn't just a few crazy once...;) , i didn't swim 'cause i didn't want to in front the school boys so i just control my self but nashwa couldn't handle it we were setting looking at the sea and she jumps and run into the sea ...
its was great trip but the place was far it takes about 4 hours in the bus to get there and you know what, we were singing 4 hours without stopping i mean they were singing and i was just clapping 'cause i don't know the lyrics it was so noisy even when i was in the home all the singing was playing in my head
i had a good time there

Thursday, April 26, 2007

i feel good tar rara ra ra ...

today is the last day in the school finally.... I'm happy but little sad 'cause i will miss my class mates and the school atmosphere

next Monday there's a trip with school to "ras el .... something" i don't know but i think i can't go because my best friend is grounded and the other's will not go so i will not go alone "bad luck"

and on 30Th of April there will be a party and a exhibition at the school, I'm one of the organizer of engineering department,i also participate in art department,I did lots of things and still doing but i hope it worth it....:p

Friday, March 23, 2007


A lot of things have changed through the years...

but there's something that'll always be the same...

it's the special bond we share

that keeps us close

no matter where we are !

wishing you a very
happy birthday

with lots of love

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

to mam

A beautiful woman a great friend and a wonderful mother you r all this to me & much more....
i feel as lucky and proud to have mam like you :D

Saturday, March 17, 2007


في محاوله لتهذيب اخلاق ابنه اهداه الحكيم حقيبه مسامير ومطرقه وطلب منه ان يقوم بدق المسامير في سور الحديقه عقب كل مرة يفقد فيها اعصابه.....
زجاءت الحصيله في اول يوم 37 مسمارا بدات تدريجيا في التراجع بعد ان ادرك الفتى ان التحكم في اعصابه أسهل من دق المسامير
وبعد ان نجح الفتى في عدم دق ولا مسمار في احد الايامابلغ والده الذي طلب منه جذب المسامير من السور في نهايه كل يوم يمر دون ان يفقد اعصابه......وبعد مرور عدة ايام هرول الفتى فرحا فاخبر والده انه نجح في جذب كل المسامير
فصحبه ابوه للسور وقال(يا ابني لقد احسنت ولكن هل ترى كم ثقبا تركت في السور الذي لن يعود ابدا الي حالته)انك عندما تتشاجر مع احد اصدقائك وتسئ اليه تتركه بجرزح وندوب كهذه..وايا كان عدد المرات التي تعتذر فيها سيبقى الجرح ...ان الجرح النفسي يؤلم بقدر الجرح البدني وربما اكثر

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


here's some funny pictures