Thursday, April 26, 2007

i feel good tar rara ra ra ...

today is the last day in the school finally.... I'm happy but little sad 'cause i will miss my class mates and the school atmosphere

next Monday there's a trip with school to "ras el .... something" i don't know but i think i can't go because my best friend is grounded and the other's will not go so i will not go alone "bad luck"

and on 30Th of April there will be a party and a exhibition at the school, I'm one of the organizer of engineering department,i also participate in art department,I did lots of things and still doing but i hope it worth it....:p

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Hannu said...

Sorry you can't make the trip! Not fair :(

Hope you enjoy your vacation. C'mon nag on Fairouz and Hatem, hop on a plane and come here.

Share pictures of the exhibition when you have them.

Love oxo