Friday, May 25, 2007

summer holiday

i finished my exams about a week ago and the summer holiday has began that's so cool :D ,there is one problem that our car doesn't work but thank good my grand ma had came to Egypt so we have to go out anyway to show her around Cairo , I'm glad that she came :)hehe

and we want to many places .

oh today i got my results in the morning it was 96% ,then in the night i went to city stars mall with my friend and all the family but we didn't stay with them thanks for grand ma 'cause she told my mam and Nashua's mam to leave us alone and do what we want, anyway i found there all the people in my school even the principle was there ... so i stayed with the girls it was very fun

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Rwayens' Insanity said...

CONGRATS!! how did it feel?? :p
are you still on a vacation??